What does a postpartum doula do?

So you just had a baby and you totally underestimated this parent thing?

There’s a person for that! A postpartum doula provides support to new moms and families after childbirth. Postpartum doulas are there to help you in whatever way you need. We offer 100% judgmental support, so you don’t have to worry about someone coming into your home and telling you what to do and how to raise your baby, but instead, we are there to assist you in accomplishing your goals with your baby.  They assist with light cleaning and chores around the house to help you stay up on the everyday of life. There are no limits to the help a postpartum doula can provide (short of scrubbing your toilets. We don’t do that lol), but need help navigating going to the grocery store with a new baby? Should you take the stroller or wear the baby? Wear the baby, yes, but how do I work the new wrap? So many questions and decisions!

Feeding baby presents a lot of challenges for new parents. Nursing can be difficult and most postpartum doulas have some breastfeeding experience or training to help assist with nursing. If you are formula feeding your infant, then a postpartum doula will support you with that and help you to figure out the many different formula options available. Women who have had to have cesarean sections could make postpartum healing a little more difficult, in which case one may need an extra hand. Postpartum doulas are trained in helping those who have had c-sections and need time to heal.


Having a postpartum doula will help you feel empowered and confident when raising your baby and the ability to have someone around to answer questions and help navigate things. If you have family in the DMV or you are a long way from home, having a baby doesn’t have to be scary. Doulas of Prince George’s County supports new moms in postpartum up to year one. So, if you want to be prepared with support the day you come home from the hospital, booking a postpartum doula during your pregnancy is a good idea. Or maybe the first few months went smoothly and now you're exhausted from 4 month sleep regression, you can still contact us for support."

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Jacquelin Knighton