“But Won't A Doula Replace My Partner?”

Not at all.

Having a doula does not replace your partner. In fact, we support your partner as well! We acknowledge that both of you are having a baby and you rely heavily on the support from your significant other. Being the support person can be overwhelming and your partner may want to help but not know what to do. Your doula can stand beside your partner and show them how to do provide comfort techniques and position changes so that they are able to support you.

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Many times partners can feel helpless in the birth room; they may not know how to help mom labor down and relieve pain. One option is to have your doula teach a comfort measures workshop in a prenatal session, so that both mom and partner can both feel prepared for the actual birth. The ultimate way that your doula supports the partner is by being present for mom consistently. This allows the partner to step out the room to take in fresh air, grab a cup of coffee, respond to a email and even answer all the excited texts from family….all without feeling guilty for leaving mom alone.

Your doula will remind your partner to rest and to eat, tell them what items to pack in their bag, take pictures, and show them how to hold baby for the first time! Whatever is important to both parents, your doula will make sure that she supports them to the best of her ability.

Doulas provide three types of support while in the birthing room:

  1. Education: Your doula can help explain medical terms, different medication uses, and help you discuss the benefits and risks for all procedures and medications.

  2. Emotional: Things don’t always go as planned during birth, and it can be hard to process your birth deviating from your plan. Your doula can help you navigate those changes and help you come to terms with the new plan and listen and validate your concerns and feelings.

  3. Physical: Position changes and pain management are the actual hands on support that your doula will provide. Position changes can be crucial to getting baby to move down into the birth canal. Whether or not you have a epidural or are planning an unmedicated delivery, these two techniques will prove extremely beneficial during laboring.

Doulas of PG County would love to talk to you more about how we can be of support to both you and your partner! Contact us today at (301)744-8518 or info@doulasofpgcounty.com to schedule a complementary in-person consult.

Jacquelin Knighton