Coming Home From The Hospital- Now What?

Congratulations, you have been discharged from the hospital with your new baby! After collecting all of your stuff, experience putting a newborn in a car seat, and rolling to the door, it hits you-what happens now?

Here are a few tips for your first night home.

Tip 1. Sit in the Backseat With Your Baby On The Drive Home. It will provide you with peace of mind to see that s/he is okay in the seat and if baby is crying you will at least be able to provide some comfort, even if you cant remove her from the seat.

Baby in hospital blanket.png

Tip 2. Pick a Place at Home To Settle. You will come home with a lot of stuff and feel the urge to put it all away. Just take out what you need, such as your peri-bottle, pads and diapers and worry about your suitcases later. Try and pick one main place you will be (your living room or bedroom usually) and set up shop to include a place to change your baby so you are not climbing up and down stairs.  

Tip 3. Have Food Prepared or Order In. You will likely be hungry when you get home because discharge can take some time. What would you like to eat your first day home? Please share with us!

Tip 4. Expect Not to Sleep. This first night home is always more difficult than your previous night. Your baby is more awake and you will not have additional help from the hospital staff. We recommend a late day nap for everyone!

TIp 5. Baby Sleeping Arrangements. Often people have a bassinet or co-sleeper that is for the baby to rest in. These beds are often much bigger than what they were previously used to, so make sure to get a tight swaddle with the hospital blankets they are used to, and have their feet touch the edge of their sleeper so they can feel more cozy.

Okay parents, what are your first night home tips for the new families out there?

Emily Smith