Pregnancy Clothes: What Are The Staples?

So now that you are pregnant, you are starting to grow out of your clothes, and maybe you are wondering if it’s worth it to buy maternity clothes? Our answer is YES!! Pregnancy can last up to 42 weeks, which is a long time to go in uncomfortable clothing (trust us, we know).

We have put together 5 items that can be stable items in your maternity wardrobe.

maternity dress.jpg
  1. Black Leggings: A classic, comfortable stable that can be worn with a oversize sweater or t-shirt and cardigan. A must!

  2. Maxi Dress: This, light, airy dress is perfect for weekends and get-togethers with friends. It’s easy to put on and no fuss. We love this teal floral one from Destination Maternity. 

  3. Nursing Tank: Besides the comfort and stretch this tank offers, it comes in handy after baby is born and makes nursing seamless!

  4. Maternity Jeans: A nice pair of dark jeans can be paired with a top and blazer to work or your nursing tank on the weekend. Everybody needs jeans!

  5. Business Casual Dress: This Bodycon Maternity Sheath Dress can be great for office meetings.

Bonus Item:

6. Coat: If its fall/winter, it’s too cold to not be able to zip up your coat. Investing in a bigger coat could definitely be worth it (especially if you plan to have more kids).

Buying multiple maternity outfits during your pregnancy will eliminate the need for borrowing your partner’s clothes or wearing long shirts to cover your unbuttoned pants (lol!). We hope these tips will help you look like a fashionista without sacrificing comfort.

Tell us, did you buy maternity clothes and what was your favorite item?


Jacquelin Knighton