Isn't Always Easy.
We Can Help.  

Although breastfeeding is a normal human experience, it is a learned skill, and can often be an emotionally and physically challenging process. Timely, sensitive support and up to date information can guide new parents and babies through the first days of the nursing relationship and tackle long term obstacles. Parents who feel nurtured and supported are more likely to make it through the initial challenging weeks and go onto a successful breastfeeding experience, however they define that relationship. There is no one way to feed a baby. Breastfeeding or Chestfeeding can be done in combination with pumped milk or formula and delivered via bottles or other feeding methods such as spoon feeding, cup feeding, or a supplemental nursing system. Our doulas and lactation specialists are here to help you manage what works best for your family. 
Doulas of Prince George's County supports all families and their feeding choices.


Kind  Words

She answered all of our questions and gave
us a few tips that turned out to be crucial in helping make breastfeeding and sleep work for us once
we were home.

--Katy L.

black baby with a teddy bear on a cream background