When You Want It.

The birth doula offers help and advice regarding coping techniques such as breathing, relaxation, movement, and positioning. She also comforts the woman with touch, hot or cold packs, beverages, warm baths and showers, and other supportive measures, regardless of a woman's choices for medication. She assists the woman and her partner to become informed about labor and their options. Perhaps the most crucial role of the doula is providing continuous emotional reassurance and comfort for the entire labor. A good doula never projects their own values and goals onto the laboring woman- on the contrary! We want you to use your voice and have all of your choices heard, respected, and validated.

What Should We Expect?

A birth doula is on call for your birth from day of hire. This gives you a chance to call and speak with your doula whenever you need, and guarantees someone will be available for your delivery, even if it is early or late. A doula is a non-judgmental support person who respects your choices and decisions. 

Does This Support Replace My Doctor?

A doula is also different than your medical team- she cannot provide medical advice, but can provide you with resources and reminders to ask appropriate questions. Your care provider takes care of your medical and physical health, whereas a doula will strive to take care of your family’s emotional well being.


At Your Fingertips.

Doulas of Prince George's County wants you to feel in charge of your  birth and postpartum experience. Childbirth, Newborn Care, and Breastfeeding Support classes pave the way for you to expand your knowledge while simultaneously preparing for this exciting adventure! Classes are taught in the privacy of your home by our local experts and can be catered to your wants and needs. From comfort techniques to swaddling to feeding choices, any and all subject matter is available to you when you want it.   


When You Need It The Most. 

Placenta Encapsulation is the art of cleaning and preparing the placenta for ingestion. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is the method of preparing the placenta by steaming it with slices of ginger, lemon, and sometimes hot pepper before dehydrating and finally putting the placenta into capsules in capsules similar to a vitamin or supplement. Using this method of encapsulation is believed to bring healing energy and warmth back to the woman.


Family in the kitchen


One of the main benefits of consuming placenta  is it helps to lessen the risk of  ‘baby blues’ and postpartum depression. It replenishes iron, lends a consistent flow of oxytocin, and provides the HPL hormone to help establish an early and healthy milk supply. It also stabilizes ever changing hormones post birth, replenishes your B vitamins and energy lost during birthing, protects from infection and bleeding due to retained placenta tissue or membranes, and offers natural pain relief.  

"We used their expertise for placenta encapsulation and the experience was wonderful. She sterilized everything, wore a surgical suit, and cleaned up afterward. Essentially, I can't recommend this enough! Further, this is coming from a father who was less open-minded before the experience and completely on board afterward."