Top 3 Must Have Baby Items

We asked and you responded- what was a baby item you couldn’t live without? We gathered lots of answers, but these top three had us all in agreement! Check out the list and linked products below and don’t forget to add them to your baby registry!

white noise.jpg

     3. A White Noise Machine

rock and play.jpg

Babies are notoriously bad sleepers, and parents are looking for all the best tips to help their little one stay sleeping a little longer. White noise machines such as the Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine helps drown out other ambient sounds and according to, “insomnia researcher Gregg Jacobs says these devices work in two ways: by blocking distracting noises and by producing soothing sounds that are relaxing and help to induce sleep.” Maybe we should order two!

     2. The Rock and Play

The Rock and Play is an ‘inclined sleeper and infant seat that helps your baby sleep all naptime  long! A gentle push from you rocks the sleeper back and forth, with optional calming vibrations for extra comfort. As one of our followers described it- ‘ My babies were so content with the confined space and incline. It was the only way I could get a shower or eat with two hands!’

baby in carrier

     1. Baby Carrier

Baby carriers come in all different shapes and sizes. To learn more about different carriers check out Beltway Babywearers! Carriers are divided into 4 different categories:

Wraps- such as the Moby or Boba
Mei Tei- Such as the Babyhawk
Soft Structure- Such as a Ergo or Tula
Ring Slings- Such as the Maya

A baby carrier saves you the hassle of having to bring a stroller with you everywhere you go. Wrap them up and you are hands free!

*Bonus Product: Hire a Doula!

A doula is a trained support person that provides continuous emotional reassurance and physical comfort during your birth.  Combining expertise and non-judgmental support, your team won’t want to leave home without one! As one of our followers put it- “The confidence you gain from such a sturdy support makes all the other “items” work!!”

If you are interested in a doula, please contact us at!